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Series Recap - Red Sox @ Astros

This series felt like a mirage set against the backdrop of one of the more chaotic trade deadlines we have seen. But now that we're on...

Series Recap - Red Sox @ Yankees

I'm writing this in the fourth inning of Sunday's game. We're gonna be sellers at the deadline. The Good Friday nights game will likely...

Series Recap - Red Sox @ Rays

Disgusting series. We had so much momentum going into this 4-game set and blew it all. Can't have that when every fucking team in the...

Series Recap - Yankees @ Red Sox

Statement Split. The Good: I had a bunch of other things that I was going to list as the first "Good", but the real winner here was grit....

Series Recap - Tigers @ Red Sox

I asked for a sweep, we got a sweep. Feels good to be right for once. Yet again, I'm back in the office so it will be a quick review, but...

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