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50 Things to do Today because the Yankees are Cowards and Postponed their First Loss to Friday

  1. Watch some Masters

  2. Go for a long walk

  3. Laundry

  4. Actually do your job

  5. Call your grandparents/parents

  6. Find Waldo

  7. Learn a magic trick

  8. Sift for gold

  9. The mannequin challenge

  10. Try to learn how magnets work

  11. Release your inhibitions

  12. Feel the rain on your skin

  13. Drink the recommended amount of water for your body mass

  14. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're good enough, fully knowing you're lying

  15. Become and Ordained Minister

  16. Learn the skill you said you were going to over quarantine

  17. Text your ex

  18. Do the HR training you have been pushing off

  19. Watch the Hangover trilogy in reverse order

  20. Go to your local dive bar and ask the oldest patron what The War was like

  21. Search for the Fountain of Youth

  22. Fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole

  23. See Morbius

  24. Try to eat a 4 for 4 in under 1 minute

  25. The dishes

  26. Start a garden

  27. Bake a pie

  28. Clean the dirt from under your fingernails

  29. Put it all on Red

  30. Re-watch Game of Thrones and live tweet the whole thing

  31. Buy a standing desk

  32. Read that book you thought you might have actually from your sophomore year summer reading

  33. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen

  34. Become Google Ad Words certified

  35. See how long you can plank for

  36. Go to a park and pet a bunch of dogs

  37. Call Xfinity just to get into an argument

  38. Watch soldiers coming home to their dogs and comment "This bruh"

  39. Try to understand what the fuck was happening in the movie Tenet

  40. Commit a misdemeanor crime

  41. Put those glasses that have been sitting next to your bed in the dishwasher

  42. Read about the Great Emu War of 1832

  43. DM that twitter girl with between 1,500 and 4,000 followers that is kind of hot, and in your eyes attainable

  44. Watch Dane Cook's comedy special Vicious Circle

  45. Put different objects in the microwave

  46. Memorize each of the 50 states' capitols

  47. Practice your signature just in case you ever get famous

  48. Change your middle name

  49. Drink

  50. Start a stupid fucking Red Sox Blog

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