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Guest Blog - From the Cheap Seats vol. 1

Updated: Apr 17

On this highest of Holy Days, my father approached me and told me he had some takes. I told him to write me an email. These are those takes:
  • I know I'm provincial but Boston is a special place. Patriots day is a great day in Boston that the rest of the country doesn't quite get. A Red Sox day game, our beloved Marathon, and the beginning of outdoor day drinking.

  • The Celtics had their first playoff buzzer beater win since 2010. They played like old times, passing the ball and penetrating for the win. Brown and Tatum are worth the wait, and they are 25 and 24 years young. Wow!!

  • One of the best gifts in the world is a new hat.

  • Why can't you play Keno at every Dunkin Donuts?

  • I changed my Red Sox season tickets location after 20 years. I agonized over the location and whether or not to pull the trigger longer than when I bought my last house.

  • It's seems like a no brainer that the Sox would sign Devers and Bogarts. They are great players and beloved by their fan base. If any other team in Boston had the signing history of the Red Sox and ignored the players they have ignored, I would bet John Henry would have the Boston Globe scream racism. He and his wife are systemic hypocrites in criticizing their past and never putting their money where their mouth is.

  • Easter is a great Holiday, underrated. Great food, the start of nice weather, and some down time on a Sunday before the outdoor chores begin.

  • Roofs off, tops down, shrink wrap off, pool covers gone, kayaks on roof tops, bikes on the road. Boston is back!! Games at 11 and if your not running, your cracking a cold one before noon.

  • Let's never forget Bob Kraft in the GOAT equation. He's a great owner and a great ambassador for Boston. Seeing him Courtside makes me smile, no one over 70 really wants to go to a game, even if your Courtside. He is truly great and we are lucky he is our owner. Ask anyone that know Woody Johnson.

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