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Guest Blog - Please Leave it at the Door, Thanks! vol. 1: Black Seed Cafe and Grill

Today's guest blog is brought to you by OG. I would consider him to be the foremost authority on all things Food Delivery. A true tycoon of takeout. The Duke of Delivery. The guy that is way too high for human interaction, so he has a miniature heart attack when the delivery driver wants to meet him. Here is his first review:

As I open the container I’m transported to the Mediterranean Seaside. A faint aroma of grilled meats fills the air. I can feel the ocean breeze blowing against my face, a cool sensation as the uncomfortable warmth in my apartment signals the changing of the seasons and the time to turn off the heater. As I dig in to the feast so carefully prepared for me, I can’t help but to think, man I wish this wasn’t so dry. I ordered two sides of garlic sauce in case this happened, but still.

As I shift my near beef jerky to the side I am reminded of why I chose this meal in the first place. The rice that is the backbone of my combination platter. Sprinkled with haphazardly chopped tomatoes and red onions, but promising nonetheless. While lacking any sense of seasoning or inherent flavor, it is indeed rice.

As I tire of the rice I decide to taste the side salad. A surprisingly cold yet off-puttingly limp assembly of the most basic of vegetables which may be deemed a “greek salad” by its chef, is truly as Greek as the author of this review. The side of pita was average, garlic sauce is worth trying. Options are limited ordering food at 1:26am, and I didn’t feel like cooking, so I’m sure those guys didn’t either. Definitely wouldn’t go eat here but eh could be worse.

Kafta kabob plate - 5.7

Pita- 7

Garlic sauce- 8.6

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