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Guest Blog - Please Leave it at the Door, Thanks! vol. 2

It’s right there in the name. Tasty burger. If you find a place that has an item called the Big Tasty on the menu, you order it. It’s that simple. Meat is grilled perfectly every time, quality ingredients, and top notch pickles. They also use their own “tasty sauce”. Which is the same thing as In-n-Outs “Secret Sauce”. Which is the same thing as Thousand Island Dressing. Which has also been referred to as Ru**sian Dressing, but fuck that. Stand with Ukraine. Politics aside, why do places feel like they can keep calling it their own thing. It’s Thousand Island Dressing. Just call it what it is. Anyways, definitely get this burger. Better there, still great delivered.

Always get a Cheerwine. The glass bottle is a quality touch and adds to the drinking experience. While a can still gets the job done, nothing hits like straight out of the glass. It is the nectar of the gods and the superior soda to all others. There will be no questions taken at this time.

The tots were decent, not great. Delivery tots are rarely a good experience but that’s the dice you roll in the combo meal game. They give you a lot though so it’s not bad. Throw 'em in the oven if that’s your vibe but don’t forget about them. 400 degrees, use a pan with a baking rack. Get 'em crispy.

Big Tasty-8.6


Tater Tots-6.5 (not re-heated in oven)

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