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Series 2 Preview - Red Sox @ Tigers

Monday April 11th 5:15 PM – Michael Wacha (0-0 0.00 ERA) vs Matt Manning (0-0 0.00 ERA)

Tuesday April 12th 1:10 PM Rich Hill (0-0 0.00 ERA) vs Tyler Alexander (0-0 0.00 ERA)

Wednesday April 13th 1:10 PM – Nathan Eovaldi (0-0 5.40 ERA) vs Eduardo Rodriguez (0-0 6.75 ERA)

The Tigers are coming off a series against the White Sox in which their pitching struggled, letting up 4, 5, and 10 runs. We are seeing the back end of their rotation, so I am expecting shootouts against our 4 and 5 guys as well.

Looking at the games, the Red Sox have very few at-bats against these pitchers. Matt Manning was in his first year last year and had a 1.512 WHIP, allowing 55 ERs over 85 innings. He has never faced anyone in the Red Sox lineup. The top of this Red Sox order dominates new pitchers, and I expect nothing different this afternoon. Tyler Alexander has faced a couple of guys, but has too small of a sample to tell if any of our hitters will have a real advantage. Alexander has 3 years under his belt, and has been extremely mid in those years. He has a WHIP just over 1.3, and an ERA of 4.13. Both of these games will depend on Wacha and Hill going deep into games and preserving our already heavily used bullpens.

Then we get to the last game. E-Rod. You love him, I love him, we all love him. I feel like we never truly saw him reach his full potential here, always hampered by injuries and bad luck. He is one of our guys, and I really intend to root for him for the rest of his career. I put him in the same camp as Benintendi, where I think a change of scenery is going to be good for both of us moving forward. A truly mutual breakup if you will. We know what we will see from Eddie. Funny enough, aside from guys like Xander and Raffy that always played with him, our lineup has a lot of at-bats against Rodriguez. And we rake off of him. Story is 2 for 5, Hernandez is 3 for 5, Verdugo is 2 for 3 and JD is 1 for 3. I’m definitely interested in who has the advantage with X and Devers, but this is a matchup that I am really looking forward to.

Getting to my picks, I refuse to bet against our old friend, even if it is what I consider to be a smart bet. Instead, I’m taking the Sox in both of the first 2. I actually think they will be -1.5, and I would feel comfortable taking the run-line in both of those games. I am going Red Sox -1.5 in Games 1 and 2 and not touching game 3.

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