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Series Recap - Blue Jays @ Red Sox

I did not have fun watching this series for a multitude of reasons. Lets get into them:

The Good

  • The bullpen being the most reliable part of this team is something that not one person saw coming but I am certainly here for it. Strahm, Diekman, Robles, and Whitlock all look incredible. Valdez also can be reliable over a couple of innings, and Brasier is working his way back into the good graces of Boston fans

  • Tyler Danish striking out 5 in 2 innings of work for his first appearance was pretty damn cool

  • Eovaldi was solid again. One missed pitch hurt him a little bit, letting up a LONG HR, but he settled in and gave us 4.2 good innings of one-run ball

  • Trevor Story is a bad motherfucker, eating 93 to the dome and staying in the game

  • I like Connor Wong quite a bit, he catches well and doesn't have a totally incompetent bat, driving in the game-winning RBI in game 1

The Bad

  • I really hope JD's hamstring isn't one of those things that we talk about for the rest of the season

  • Barnes may have gotten screwed a little bit with the passed third strike, but buddy has to be able to overcome that

  • Game 2 we got to Berrios and were hitting really well, and then simply deciding to leave guys on base. We can't keep bailing pitchers out with the bottom of our lineup, it is so frustrating to watch

  • Kiké needs to figure out the bat. I can see he cares, which I appreciate, and his glove is needed in center field, but we need him to be able to get on base at the top of the lineup.

  • The defense was shit. The popup in game 3 that fell in the infield to let up a run is inexcusable. I know it isn't totally Arroyo's fault, but we need a real outfielder in right field at all times. He made an error that let up a run as well.

The Ugly

  • Pivetta looks downright terrible right now. He can't locate his pitches, his velo is down, I expect an IL stint when Hill gets back.

  • Travis Shaw bunting with no one on base. Send him home and bring up Casas so at least we have something to be excited about

  • The lineup we trotted out there Thursday. I called it the surrender lineup. Cora saying lets just get out of here healthy.

Other Notes

  • This is actually the first thing I am writing in this recap. FUCK Ownership. The fact that Don Orsillo's video tribute did not get any time being shown is absolute bullshit, then they trot out Sam Kennedy, who I actually like, to say that they "meant no disrespect" in not including it. Every single person watching that tribute was waiting to hear from Orsillo, because he and Remy were a team. Their legendary clips in the booth were never just one or the other doing something great, it was both of them.

  • The Truly Deck was cool. I was at game 1 and spent an inning up there. Also I saw a dude almost get knocked out in the bathroom simply for wearing a Blue Jays jersey. Can't be wearing the wrong colors in the deck named after a fruity spiked seltzer drink.

  • Kevin Gausman has some of the filthiest stuff I've ever seen.

Gambling Record

I am going to count Game 3 as a loss even though I changed my pick when I saw the lineup we sent out there because I am a man of integrity: 6-5

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