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Series Recap - Honey I'm Hang Gliding Take a Picture Ahhhhh I'm Dead

I said I was done getting my hopes up. I wasn't gonna do it. Then I did it. WHAT AN IDIOT.

The Good

  • Raffy Devers socking a grand slam with Donny O on the call made my heart so happy, even though the game was blacked out in Boston (Fuck you Manfred).

  • Trevor Story is finally starting to break out of his shell. Starting with 2 RBI in game 1, then finally sending a cockshot 422 to dead center. Something that I was truly shocked by is even before that home run, Trevor Story had driven in 20% of the Red Sox runs this season, the highest percentage of anyone on our team. He certainly would not have been in my top 3 guesses, but it’s also like being the tallest midget in this lineup.

  • John Schreiber needs to be in the Red Sox bullpen on a long term basis. Let him know that if he starts to stink we will send him right the fuck down, but this dude has some balls on him.

  • Franchy should keep running the walk play. It seems to work well.

  • Cora getting thrown out put a nice little smile on my face.

The Bad

  • Brasier has actually been pretty decent since the first couple games of the season, but in NO world should he be pitching in the 9th inning of a tied ballgame. I would have liked to have seen him switch roles with Strahm in yesterday's game (I know lefty/lefty matchups, but it's also just guys you trust versus guys you don't).

  • Whitlock threw so many fucking pitches. Based on his starts this season, even though he has been awesome in just about all of them, his value is not in being in the rotation. Put our sweet baby boy back in the bullpen. If we aren't going to let Strahm close, maybe see if Whitlock can do it. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, and for some reason Cora/Venable keep putting shitbums out there in the 9th and expecting us to get another at-bat.

  • Kiké and Verdugo's luck has to turn around at some point. It just has to. Here are Kiké's at-bats in an 0-5 performance on Wednesday:

  • And here is Verdugo from Tuesday:

  • Those are some LOUD ass fucking outs. It has to turn around at some point. When they finally break out, it will be glorious.

The Ugly

  • I really don't like getting walked off. I feel like we've seen it more this season already than every other season combined. It sucks that every time we go into the late innings of a close game, it feels like we have no chance. Even if we're WINNING, it feels like we’re going to lose.

  • I want that umpire who rung up Weck-dog in stockings in the town square so I can throw assorted fruits and vegetables at him. I will start with a durian and end with a watermelon. I'll play all the middle ones by ear.

Other Notes

  • It's a grind to watch this team while the Celtics and Bruins are fighting for their lives, and Boston fans don't get thanked enough for all the hard work they put in. I won't stand for it anymore. I think we should be thanked by every commissioner in sports with flowers.

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