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Series Recap - Mariners @ Red Sox: Put the rest of MLB on on watch, we got us a baseball team

And buddy,,,,,,,,,,,, does that feel good to say

We start on Thursday. We had Rich Hill throwing quite literally batting practice to this Mariners lineup and they were teeing off on him. I say that it was literally batting practice because it came out after the start that Hill was tipping his pitches. When you're only throwing 88 on your fastball and 71 on your curveball, major league batters are going to put some balls on the moon if they know what is coming. We came out of the top half of the second down 4-0. Brutal start. Brotherman, the rest of the game was an absolute treat to watch (except an inning of Brasier that fucking asshole). The big headline was Trevor Story. I forget how long ago I wrote it, but I said it multiple times. We have been one guy getting hot away from this being a winning ballclub. Trevor Story being that man is bad news for 2 groups of people: the rest of the AL East, and Boston radio hosts who were already calling him a bust after a month. Scoring 5 runs in 4 ABs is truly an incredible stat line, and so is hitting 1,163 feet of home runs. With all that being said, a lot of other really impressive performances got lost in the shuffle. JD went 4 for 5 with a double and 3 runs scored, Verdugo went 3 for 5 with 4 runs scored and a double, and the bullpen had another great day. Specifically Tanner Houck. He had been skidding for his last couple of outings, but he was able to come in for Hill and only let up 1 hit over 4 innings to earn himself the win. Plus, the Celtics put on one of the better performances of their postseason so that my Thursday complete. 12-6 Sox.

Moving onto Friday, and I knew it was going to be a good day regardless of the outcome. Why? Michael Wacha reinstated, corresponding move is Brasier sent down. It was like Alex Cora and Chaim Bloom came to Southie, knocked on my door, handed me a cake and gave me a hug. Then in the game itself, Trevor Story kept making Mariners pitchers' parents hate their kids and delivered a souvenir to 2013 Red Sox legend Jonny Gomes in the form of a grand slam. Wacha wasn't great in his first start back from injury, but was still certainly good, only allowing 2 earned in 4.2 IP. The game got very scary, very quickly, when Xander Bogaerts drifted out into shallow left field while tracking a fly ball as Verdugo was chasing the ball in. Verdugo realized it at the last second and went low, essentially table topping Xander. Bogaerts landing on his arm and staying down was terrifying. In that moment I would have driven to Fenway and given Xander any ligament he needed. He would leave the game, but as we all know now he ended up being just fine. The game would be a one run game in the 8th, then in the bottom half of the inning JBJ gave us 3 insurance runs on his first home run of the season over the monster. Strahm, the closer who is promised, would end the game after that. 7-3 Sox.

Then we get to Saturday. Boy oh boy did Whitlock stink, and if you've read this blog before you know that my future children will hate Garrett Whitlock because of how much I love him. 5 runs in 3 innings. Gross. I was in attendance, and after the top half of the first I decided we'd leave our seats and go tie one off on the Truly deck. I was catching up with a friend from college when all of the sudden there is a muted pop in the stands of Fenway. Devers bomb. "Sweet, at least Devers cares and can pad some stats" I say to my friend. And did he ever pad his stats when he would come up a second time and this time put a 2 run shot over the fence for his second of the game. 5-3 game. We go back to our seats after having consumed several Truli (the plural of Truly) and zero H20. The stadium is buzzing. It was one of those times that every single person there is invested in the game. Then the hit parade starts. Martinez double, Xander single, Dalbec single, Story sac fly. Tie ballgame. Fast forward to the bottom of the 8th. One down, Franchy comes up and smokes a ball to the triangle, and as I have said before, Franchy is the fastest man on the planet. Triple. Vazquez used up one of his occasional "I am going to give the Sox offense exactly what we need" moments to put one off the wall for a single and to take the lead. And then Barnes actually came through in a big moment and picked up the dub with the help of outstanding defensive plays from Jackie and Kiké. 6-5 Sox. Series win.

Which brings us to today. Full disclosure, I have been writing this while Sunday's game is in progress and we are just heading into extras so I don't know how this one ends. But, that will certainly not stop me from writing about Nathan Eovaldi putting his nuts back on the table this afternoon. 6.2 innings of 2 ER and a career high 11 Ks for Nate. That is how you bounce back from your shittiest career performance. This is going to read like a Christopher Nolan movie because fucking Diekman just let up the go-ahead run and I am pissed off. Whitlock needs to be back in the fucking pen. But back to earlier in the game, Arroyo giving us some life is very nice to see. I have always really liked Arroyo. He isn't going to turn heads with his numbers or fielding, but he is a solid guy to have in the lineup. Back to what is currently happening, Diekman did just shut them down after fucking up originally so I can't be too mad at him even though he should have just done that in the first place. Story also hit a home run, ho-hum the sun came up and the economy is in the shitter, what else is new. Then Hansel Robles came in and at the 11th hour fucked everything up and allowed a solo shot to that skunk haired looking motherfucker Suarez to tie it up and send it into extras. So that brings us up to now, where I am writing and watching at the same time. And hell yes Vazquez, hell yes Kiké. Youk's headband slaps. I now realize this is more of a Kurt Vonnegut book than a Nolan movie. A dog barks. Did Vazquez get in there??????? OH MY GOD HE DID IF THE UMP DOESNT OVERTURN THIS WE RIOT. Fuck this guy he was safe but probably out on the slow motion but still that would've been so sweet. I don't really know what the fuck happened on that Story play. OH MY GOD FRANCHY FRANCHY FRANCHY. 8-4 SOX WIN WE SWEEP THIS TEAM HAS THAT DOG IN EM.

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