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Series Recap - Red Sox @ Rangers


I’m writing this from my phone so I have no idea what it will look like when posted.

The Good

  • I can finally step off the ledge I’ve been inching closer and closer to since the beginning of the season. The Red Sox have finally won a series.

  • Pivetta has looked outstanding in his last couple of starts. Cy Young campaign back on? Who says no?

  • Dick Mountain has somehow learned how to make time his bitch. 42 years old and still spinning gems

  • We went Crawford on Friday and HeroSaw, Diekman, and Barnes on Saturday and somehow let up 0 runs. That’ll get an atta boy from me.

  • The offense on Friday and Saturday. All of the people who swung a bat professionally for the Boston Red Sox. I’m very proud of them. I am sorry for what I said when you guys were swinging pool noodles at the plate. They are all big strong handsome young men.

The Bad

  • My decision making at Somerville porch fest. I may or may not have a King Charles Cavalier on its way to Boston right now.

  • Tyler Danish is not be ready for a full time major league role.

  • Why did we go bullpen game today? Call up one of the young guns and give them a shot.

The Ugly

  • Brasier has got. To. Go.

Other Notes

  • Am I a hero for watching the Sox all weekend while the rest of Boston was watching the Celtics and Bruins? Folks,,,, that’s not for me to say. The real heroes are the firefighters and teachers. And me. Thank you.

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