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Series Recap - Red Sox @ Rays

Aside from getting kicked in the piss-pump at 9:16 on Saturday, there were a lot of positives to look at this weekend. Let's get into it.

The Good
  • Michael Wacha continues to impress in a Red Sox uniform. He did just about what I said he'd do in the preview, going 5 and only letting up runs to Wander Franco. Letting up 2 dingers to the same guy isn't great, but I'll give him a pass considering not one person in our organization can figure him out.

  • Garrett Whitlock looked awesome starting. I was very hesitant to see him move on from his niche role, but if he has the same abilities starting as he does coming out of the bullpen then I am all for it. I'm hoping they give him another start and let him go a little longer.

  • Rich Hill going 4 shutty is a very welcome surprise. 3 walks, 4 hits, and only 1 K could be better, but sometimes it just works and you don't question it.

  • Aside from the obvious error in Saturday's game (I blame Dalbec significantly more than Story), Trevor Story has really started to look more and more comfortable at second base.

  • Friday's win was electric. I had to watch the last inning from a stall at the bar because I was promised they had a TV and they did not.

The Bad
  • The bullpen is starting to come back to Earth. I had Diekman being one of my more trusted relievers but Friday was tough to watch, then he comes in Sunday, allows a run on a wild pitch, then lets up a home run the following inning. Robles letting up the walk-off to the 9 hitter sucks. Valdez really struggled, walking 2, then getting a 400 foot flyout before hitting the next batter. Brasier is still Brasier.

  • Being no-hit through 9 innings should never happen to this lineup. We broke through in extras obviously, and it was a weird no-hitter when the Rays were using an opener and all relievers, but it still should not ever happen to the Sox.

  • It goes along with the last point, but inconsistent offense is killing this team. We look awesome for an inning here or there, then let teams off the hook. Game 1 was pretty decent, but the rest of the series was so hard to watch.

  • Aside from his triple Sunday, Dalbec continues to really make you ask when we will see Triston Casas.

The Ugly
  • I don't think I'll ever get over that loss on Saturday. One of those that will stick with you for the whole season. From the high of breaking up a no-hitter with a triple from Bobby D in extras, to the error that gave the Rays a second life, to getting my heart ripped out by that handsome devil Kevin Kiermaier. Absolutely brutal.

  • The umpires were the worst I have seen in a long time. Friday there were some pitches that were a couple inches outside of the zone getting called strikes

Other Notes
  • The Devil Rays hats are so sweet.

  • Wander Franco is going to be one of the best players in baseball. I wrote that in my notes right before he took away a hit by tracking a bloop to the foul line and making the catch. One of the more impressive things I have seen. The Rays locking him up long term in what will end up as a very team-friendly contract is one of the smartest things they have done as an organization.

  • Definitely shocked to see Venable go with Valdez after Rich Hill finished up instead of going right to Houck. Really makes you wonder "What if?" with how strong he looked in his inning and two thirds of work.

Pick Record

It would be sick if the Red Sox would stop blowing leads. 6-7 for my picks on the season.

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