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Series Recap - Red Sox @ Tigers

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

For full disclosure I had to watch these games from a conference room in Denver and would have to shut down the stream pretty frequently so I don't get fired, but I was able to watch enough to gather what went on each game

The Good
  • Kiké finally got a hit and it could not have come at a better time, knocking in a two run double and then picking up another RBI double in game 2. Then follows that up in game 3 with a dinger a third RBI double in Game 3.

  • Also, Kiké doing the watch celebration was sick. Still mad about Eddie giving the “disrespected” status back to Houston last year.

  • The offense was firing on all cylinders after an abysmal Game 1 and first half of Game 2.

  • Michael Wacha actually looked serviceable in his first start with the Sox. I'd like to see him in there for longer, but 1 earned run over 4.1 innings of work should get the job done.

  • JBJ contributed offensively, which I will celebrate each time it happens, and make a meme to commemorate each occasion. Why? Because I love him, that’s why.

The Bad
  • Game 1 it seemed like the only guy who gave a shit was JD. Those are the kind of games that I can’t stand to watch.

  • We just do not see enough pitches early in the game. In games 1 and 2, we batted around the order going 0 for 9 and seeing less than 30 pitches. Be more patient and set yourself up for success the second time around the lineup.

  • The Tigers’ starting pitching had figured us out for a bit. Feeding us high fastball after high fastball and we kept chasing.

  • Austin Davis is close to being firmly in the "Launch him into the sun" category, but his first outing wasn’t awful

  • Eovaldi looked good again, but man he keeps missing locations and giving up solo shots. If he can eliminate those, he would absolutely be in the conversation for best pitcher in the AL.

  • Kutter Crawford. Yikes. I think he'll figure it out but it did not look good when he came out for his second inning of work. Something I noticed this time around is he was on a totally separate page from Vazquez. Shook him off a few times and threw away from the target. I’d like to see him trust the veteran catcher more, but maybe that will come when he feels like he doesn’t have to prove himself.

The Ugly
  • Ryan Brasier needs to be locked in a closet with no round objects of any kind. I don’t care if that pitch was meant to be out of the zone, if that can get turned on and sent a football field and a half away, he does not belong on a major league roster.

  • It cannot be understated how hard it is to watch this team when the offense isn’t clicking. A one-run lead feels insurmountable. We need some more consistency or we won’t last in this AL East.

Other Notes
  • Fuck the early starts. I can’t keep watching the Gamecast while sitting in a conference room in Denver. The first series, home opener, and weekend games I’m ok with, but every other game should be a night game.

  • Facing E-Rod makes me so sad, but for some reason he looks right in a Detroit uniform

  • I am 95% sure Austin Meadows was drunk this game. JBJ, Kiké, and Devers all hit to LF consecutively and he didn’t play a single ball right.

  • Akil Badoo is such a sweet name.

Gambling Record

3-2: +1.41U on the season

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