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Series Recap - Red Sox @ Yankees

I'm writing this in the fourth inning of Sunday's game. We're gonna be sellers at the deadline.

The Good

  • Friday nights game will likely be the last glimmer of hope for the season

  • Jeter hit his first home run at Yankee stadium so that's kinda cool

  • Raffy hit some balls really far

The Bad

  • Idk man, I'm pretty numb

The Ugly

  • Also we still have an inability to play defense. Like not one guy out there.

  • Once Sale went down, no one cared anymore.

  • We didn't win a single series against an AL East opponent before the All-Star break. That's simply preposterous for a team with this much talent.

Draft tonight. All-Star break coming up. Enjoy every moment of Xander, JD, Eovaldi, and Vaz in Sox jerseys, because it may be ending sooner than we think. This sucks.

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