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Series Recap - Angels @ Red Sox

You wanna watch a man repeatedly have his heart broken and keep coming back for more? You have two options: Watch Rachel McAdams film catalog, or come over to my apartment at around 10 PM on any given night.

The Good

  • This is the best that the Red Sox starters have looked over an extended period of time in my life. If I had to rank the things that I enjoy watching the most on the Red Sox, Michael Wacha would be number 2 right now. He has been a joy to watch this season, currently holding a 1.38 ERA over 26 IPs. Garrett Whitlock would be the thing I most enjoy watching on the Red Sox, barely edging out Wacha. The way he operates is what puts him number 1. It can best be described as watching the greatest surgeon of all time preform an open-heart operation. I almost couldn't wait until our at-bats were over so I could see him pitch again. Rich Hill then comes out and actually out-deuled SHOHEI OHTANI while he was out there. It is beautiful to watch.

  • Xander Bogaerts continues to be the most consistently reliable hitter in baseball, but his glove has drastically improved this season. Maybe having his potential replacement on the other side of the diamond has lit a fire under his ass. It isn't his fault this fucking team doesn't have a closer and his sexiest bat flip to date was a waste.

  • JD has been a monster since sitting out a couple of games, with an 8 game hitting streak encompassing 2 yacks and 6 RBI.

  • JBJ had 3 doubles this series. As I have said previously, any and all offensive contributions from 19 will be celebrated on

  • If the bottom of our lineup produces at all (seriously, just get on base), we score runs. It really is as simple as that.

The Bad

  • Right when you think this offense has turned a corner, they put up another stinker of a performance. It's almost like they know we are getting our hopes up, just so they let us down like our toxic ex. It was against Ohtani, I get it, but we still bailed him out every time it looked like we had him in any sort of trouble. It reminded me of the Jose Berrios games where we get on base and into scoring position, but don't turn those opportunities into runs.

  • The bullpen has crashed back down to Earth. Barnes, Diekman, HeroSaw, even Robles. Those guys need to figure it the fuck out. More on that to come. I am also all set with Kutter Crawford. Send him back down for a bit, let him learn, and then give him another chance later in the season when our usual guys need a break.

  • Verdugo and Kiké need to hit better. When they're buzzing, they are spark plugs for the whole team and I think them slumping is dragging the whole dugout down. Hopefully an off-day is what Kiké needs and he can pick it back up next series.

The Ugly

  • 12 save opportunities on the season, and we have converted 5 of them. I thought this season has felt especially shitty because I've been paying more attention and been more invested, but it is more likely the 7 times that my heart was ripped out, stomped on, fed to a dog, shit out, lit on fire, then placed in the hollow shell behind my left B-Cup that makes it so hard to watch day in and day out. If (when) Alex Cora calls me to get my opinion, I am telling him to give Strahm a shot to close games, at least until Taylor gets back, then re-evaluate where the pen is at.

  • Our first base situation is what I would consider to be dire. the fact that people are seriously throwing around the idea of Robinson Cano after he was released by the Mets is disturbing. Dalbec looks like he has totally given up at the plate, but at least has a decent glove. Franchy looks like a baby deer out there, although he did make one nice play on a short-hop from Xander. Casas isn't quite ready and we aren't going to stunt his development to try to save a shit start to the season. All that adds up to a tough call every night for Cora.

Other Notes

  • Youk and Eck in the booth is magical. Them continuing to call the Slider/Cutter a "Slutter" was the best.

  • Buddy on the Angels doing the full splits at first base needs to chill the fuck out.

  • I saw the idea floating around Twitter of moving Whitlock and Houck both to the pen as long relievers and brining up Seabold to be the 5th starter. I really like this idea. Seabold was not super impressive his last time up, letting up 2 earned in 3 innings, but if you have 2 pitchers that can give you a few innings of at least fairly reliable (today's outing for Houck aside) work a few times a series then I am willing to at least try it out.

Pick Record

2-1 this series (still pissed about not closing game 2), 11-8 on the season.

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