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Series Recap - Tigers @ Red Sox

I asked for a sweep, we got a sweep. Feels good to be right for once.

Yet again, I'm back in the office so it will be a quick review, but it's also hard to make it a long one when we sweep. Here we go:

The Good

  • Starting Pitching. Winck, Hill, and Wacha. The crazy thing is, none of them had super impressive stats in their starts, there was always traffic on the bases, but they consistently got out of the jams and put us in a position to win.

  • The whole lineup was hitting consistently this series. Not even just the top 3 like it usually is. Refsnyder is over .400, Story hit a ball that I am hoping hits one of my many enemies when it finally lands, and Franchy had a 3-piece with 2 RBIs in the opener. Guys who you aren't necessarily relying on stepping up makes this team hard to beat.

  • I do want to specifically call out Duran, because he just seems like he belongs at leadoff. If he can just get on, there is a very good chance he will be in scoring position before the next at-bat is finished. It's a little disappointing that he isn't vaccinated and we won't have him for Toronto.

  • It's a good thing that Jeter Downs made his debut. He didn't record a hit, but if you watched his at-bats he was putting some very solid swings on the ball. Plus the video of Dugie hugging him was adorable.

  • Schreiber. I love this man. He is legitimately the best reliever in baseball right now. Keep him in this role, protect him at all costs.

The Bad

  • I just can't get comfortable with this bullpen, aside from Schreiber and Houck (who we won't have in Toronto). No lead is truly safe. They got the job done though, hopefully over the next couple of series they do it without my blood pressure spiking to the same levels of Alex Jones.

  • There wasn't much that was just kinda mid. We let up too many home runs for my liking and we made Javy Baez look like he did in Chicago. That's about it.

The Ugly

  • No ugly in a sweep. A sweep is a sweep.

Other Notes

  • The more we wear the City Connects, the more I love them. I was fairly iffy when they first dropped, but they've really grown on me. Plus, we fucking rake in them.

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