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Series Recap - Twins @ Red Sox

I hate writing these on days when we lose. It really amplifies the negatives from a weekend that had a good amount of positives. The Red Sox disappointingly split the series with the Twins, with the losses coming on Opening Day and Patriots Day. Here are my thoughts:

The Good
  • Tanner Houck looked great in his outing, going 5.2 with 4 Ks. I would still like to see him find his control a bit more, but this was a solid step in the right direction

  • Michael Wacha. I did not see this coming. I had him pegged as getting absolutely dominated, but for his second consecutive start I was very impressed by him.

  • Verdugo yet again is the spark plug of the Red Sox offense. He just has a sense of the moment and knows what needs to happen to scrape out a win. Also his defense has still been really solid, which was great to see in his first homestand.

  • Matt Strahm. Catch me sitting in section 41 with my number 55 jersey and hair down to my shoulders. I feel comfortable when this guy takes the bump, and that is not easy to come by in Boston as of late. Great find by Chaim.

  • Raffy has a 15 game hit streak. I don't know how I only found out about that 15 games in, but DiMaggio better look over his shoulder.

  • It goes Devers, then Chris Sale for greatest sliders in MLB. I've always said this.

The Bad
  • Pivetta. I wrote it in my preview blog, the Twins just have his number for some reason. We got behind early and really couldn't find our footing from there.

  • Inconsistent offense. It has been the trend so far this year. I think this team can hit with the best teams in the league, but for some reason the bats just go silent.

  • Kiké needs to be better. He had some solid moments this series, but we need him to get on base more at the top of the order.

  • Rich Hill sucked. He just could not locate at all and had no velocity. With that being said he let up 15 ERs in his first 15 innings last year and ended with some pretty solid numbers, but I would really not prefer him to be at an ER an inning if that isn't too much to ask from Dick Mountain.

  • Kutter Crawford yet again looks great in his first inning of work, then shits down his leg when you stretch him past that. I know we are looking for another Garrett Whitlock, but Crawford is looking to not be that guy.

The Ugly
  • It sucks seeing a guy like Buxton go down like that. He is a really fun player to watch and that seems like it will be a long term deal.

  • It sucks to put him on here. Travis Shaw. I loved him so much back in 2017. This man just does not know how to hit a baseball anymore. Give me literally anyone else with a bat in their hand and send him back down to Worcester.

Other Notes
  • Fenway on Opening Day was awesome except for the final score. I also really like the changes. The Truly deck is awesome, the larger video board is cool, although it did take some getting used to, and cash only just applies at concession stands, so you can still hand the guys walking up and down the stairs 40 dollars for 2 tall boys and only receive 5 dollars back.

  • Patriot's day also is probably my favorite tradition in this city. Am I drinking right now? No I am writing a blog and am about to take my 3:00 stand up meeting. But my friends are shitfaced and that makes me happy (Run Caroline Run)

  • The stats were so far off for some of the guys that got up there. It said Trevor Story had 4 home runs and 5 runs scored this season. I mean that's just not even close to correct.

Gambling Record

5-3 on the year, 2-1 on the week

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