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Talkin' Sox Prospects vol. 2: The All-Name Team

I wanted to get this blog out there before the season got kicking. There are so many strong candidates for the TSP Top 10 names, but after much consideration I was finally able to narrow it down.

The Top 10 Names in the Red Sox Farm System

10. Brayan Bello - RHP - I love alliteration in names, always said that. I have only ever seen this spelled Brian or Bryan, so additional points for changing up a classic.

9. Thaddeus Ward - RHP - Thad Ward is an incredible name on its own, but he would be significantly higher on this list if it was ranking names from the Princeton lacrosse team.

8. Eduard Bazardo - RHP - Slight deduction for not adding an -o to the end of the name to make it Eduardo Bazardo, but imagining my uncle asking me who "Who the fuck is Eduahdo Bazahdo" brings a big smile to my face. The most naturally Boston name since Xander Bogaerts.

7. Fraymi De Leon - SS - If you ask me a year ago who Fraymi De Leon is, I would tell you that he discovered the Mississippi River looking for the fountain of youth. Nope, instead he is playing shortstop in the Dominican Republic.

6. Durbin Feltman - RHP - Durbin Feltman was also the name of Tugg Speedman's partner in Scorcher 6: Global Meltdown.

5. Ceddanne Rafaela - IF/CF - I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea how to pronounce this one, but that is part of the beauty of it. It is quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing name on the list.

4. Kutter Crawford - RHP - I have a feeling Kutter had this career path carved out for him from the moment he was born. His little league coach probably told him he was going to play shortstop and Crawford told him to fuck off then gave skip's son a wedgie before taking the bump for every game.

3. Jeter Downs - SS - I have Jeter Downs this high on the list simply because I want him to be the greatest Jeter to ever play shortstop. Nothing would be a bigger "fuck you" to the most overrated player of all time.

2. Blaze Jordan - 1B - If I was tiering the names instead of ranking them, Blaze would absolutely find himself on the S-tier. A name that would not be contested for the 1 spot in most farm systems. Jordan has been an elite last name for the last 25 years, but their family decided to take it over the top and give him the first name Blaze. Truly destined for greatness.

1. Brainer Bonaci - SS - I will never forget where I was when I found out about Brainer Bonaci. I was at my desk for the first time since COVID began. Drinking my morning coffee, scrolling through the Sox Prospects top 60. I audibly gasped. My coworkers were under the assumption that I had just found out about the death of a close family member. No, quite the opposite. I was blessed with reading the greatest name these eyes have seen. I don't know anything about him aside from what he looks like, what level he is at, and what position he plays. I am actively trying to keep it that way, because there is no way any human could live up to the expectations I have set for Brainer.

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