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The Red Sox Donate Food Pantry and Free Tickets to Jeremiah Burke High School

Sometimes I think to myself, why do I care so much about the Red Sox? It's just a sport, it doesn't matter in the long run. Do they really care about the community? The fans? And every time that doubt creeps into my mind I am quickly reminded that this city revolves around the Red Sox for a reason.

Yet another example of why the Red Sox are the greatest organization in sports. The latest in a long line of tremendously generous gestures from Boston team ownership giving back and helping our community. On top of the food pantry in the school, feeding kids who may not be able to afford lunches, each kid and worker at the school gets to bring someone to a Red Sox game? Every single person who lives in this city should get the experience of going to Fenway. I always took the opportunity to go to Red Sox games for granted, it wasn't until I reached college that not everyone got to go to Fenway a couple times a year.

Good on the Red Sox. I genuinely don't think this was just a publicity play, considering the only person I have seen covering it is Meghan Ottolini. I think that this ownership and front office group wants to do their part in helping to elevate this community, and that is reason seven million why I will always support this team.

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